How WEAT is changing the designer handbag industry

Women have to carry many essential items like their keys, money with them, yet most of the purses and bags available are not very well designed. It is usually difficult for a woman to hold the purse and also do many activities, since at least one hand is not free. The fashion brand We Eat Avocado Toast (abbreviated as WEAT) was founded in 2017, by Nina Lieber from Germany in Hong Kong to cater to the requirement of fashion conscious women who are looking for functional and well designed bags. In the last decade avocado toast has become a popular breakfast and brunch food among fitness and fashion conscious individuals, so the brand was named after the avocado toast, to indicate the lifestyle of the founders.

Though most of the luxury designer bags available use high quality material and components, the user will have to carry the bag in their hand. This makes it difficult to do many activities which require both hands to be free, like dancing, checking items. The user can keep the purse down, yet there is always a risk that some one may steal or tamper with the bag. Hence to overcome this problem frequently faced by women, WEAT developed its unique range of hands free bags. These bags have a distinctive triangle clip which allows the user to easily access the bag whenever required, while keeping the hands free and the bag secure.

One of the main advantages of using the WEAT bags is that they are extremely versatile and can be changed as required. The bag can be used as a classic clutch bag for an evening out. However if the user wishes to keep their hands free for a particular activity , they can easily convert it into a belt bag, clip on bag or cross body bag. The metallic triangular clasp of the bag can be used to attach the bag to the belt or other clothes, accessories which the woman is wearing. If required the WEAT bag can also be attached to the other luggage bags, especially while traveling.

The toast bags were the first bags released by WEAT, and these bags are rectangular in shape with a triangular clasp. Since then WEAT has released other types of bags like the heart bags which are heart shaped, and belt bags. A detailed description with dimensions is provided for each of the bags which is listed for sale on their website, which includes the number of compartments available. A press lock is provided for each bag, so that the bag content remains secure. It also sells other fashion products like tshirts, jewelry, hair accessories, charms and phones.

To cater to the requirement of their customers these bags are available in different colors, designs and materials. Black, white and brown are the most popular colors, though pink, grey, sage, are also used. Depending on how they plan to use the bag, women can choose from different materials like velvet, raffia, suede, metallic, with tassels and other designs. With its focus on combining fashion with functionality, WEAT belt bags are set to revolutionize the fashion industry even for women who have no preference.

10 Foods I had Absolutely No Idea You could Buy Online

Amazon ships, so why not your grocery store?

Where do you go to buy meat or frozen goods? The supermarket right? In 2019 the world is an absolute magical place. Amazon can send packages to your door the next day, so why can’t a grocery store? While I’d most likely prefer to get a look at the food in person, there are tons of online retailers that will send you as much food as you want. Most of them even changed my mind. Now, if you don’t trust an online grocery store, would you trust Amazon? So here it goes, 10 foods I had absolutely no idea I could buy online.


Sushi grade fish online? There are entire vendors designated to selling you whatever sushi ready fish you want, and it can be delivered quickly. Retailers like Giovanni’s fish market can actually ship you sushi grade fish overnight. This ensures freshness, and provides some pretty high quality fish based on the reviews.

Steak & Meat Delivery

I had to put this one on the list, because who doesn’t love a good steak? While I prefer to look at steaks in person, companies like Omaha Steaks have changed my mind. You can even head down to your local retailer before returning home and ordering whatever you like. Buying meat online might not sound great, but from what I’ve seen I might honestly give it a try. Being able to have Meat Delivery directly to your home or office in bulk is amazing!

Ice cream

Now, I figured this was possible, but I also figured it would be something close to an ice cream truck in quality. Boy was I wrong. Online ice cream retailers are actually better than going to the store. This is simply due to the fact that these retailers allow you to customize the flavors you like. No more going up the road just to be disappointed.


The only reason this one makes the list is due to the fact that you can find bagels just about anywhere. But if you don’t live on Long Island, do you really know what a good bagel tastes like? Online bagel retailers allow you to grab a taste of any bagel you’d like.

Cold Cuts

This is one that I was truly shocked about. Usually you have to wait on a long deli line, but Amazon has really made this one too easy. You can order any meat, any cheese, any style, all from Amazon. Crazy right?


I figured this would be an option, but I never saw the use. What if you wanted it tailored to your needs? Well ordering a cake online is honestly ten times better than ordering it in person. You can even send a birthday cake to someone two states over, or even in a different country.


Amazon actually has a section in their online store for fully prepared sandwiches. Deli style. You can actually customize your options, and have it ordered the next day.

Kosher style dishes

You used to have to search everywhere to find good quality kosher food. The grocery store, and delis, were generally the only choice. In this case Amazon also has you covered, and they even provide reviews.

Baby formula

As I was surfing the web for various food items that peaked my interest, I did some digging into some of the more “unique items.” Baby food is one that caught my eye, because it just seems strange to purchase baby formula online. Or is that just me?

Pasta sauce

If your families sauce was not good enough, why not check out Amazon? Any sauce, any style, is available in bulk in their store. No need to slave over the stove for hours when the sauce is already prepared.